The world of Constructions as many know takes, Courage, determination and a lot of hard work. My wife and I started as many others have from the bottom. We cleaned sites and struggled with heavy loads before learning the basic machinery skills to becoming apprentices on the sites. With the guidance of one of the Leading Insulated Panel Companies we learnt quickly how to build using insulated panel. With that IPALS was born as what began as a duo quickly turned into our team of more than 30 to meet the industry demand. Our team has Team Leaders with more than 15 years experience with Panel. With every year we  are in business we look forward to the many more years to come and opportunities both in New Zealand and internationally that allow us to experience the international architectural designs. 

We take pride in our team and have high Health & Safety standards. These include great records for drug testing. Our Managing Director is certified and trained to conduct drug screening so we do these regularly with monthly random testing.

Insulted Panel Installation Auckland Projects IPALS


Christian De Morgan
CEO/ Director

Jack of all trades. Insulated Panel and Freezer Floor experience. Mix this with Carpentry and mechanical engineering. Christian is also our resident QA for all marketing and printing.


With also a Diploma in Print Management.

Gold Site Safe Card Holder.

Rania De Morgan
Managing Director/ CFO

With a Diploma in Business and a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. Certified and Trained to conduct onsite drug screening.


Rania is in charge of the day to day operations and also works onsite. 

Gold Site Safe Card Holder.

Sagar Pahuja
Operations Manager

Sagar has exceptional leadership skills. Armed with a Marketing Degree he is currently also completing a building apprenticeship. 

Viliami Filo aka Mario
Head installation Team Leader

With 15 years of experience under his belt. Mario is a valuable team leader.

Peni Paliate aka Sau
Senior Installation Team Leader

With 14 years of experience. Sau has been another valuable team leader. The ability to adapt to the environment he is in has always helped us completed jobs out of Auckland.

Semisi Kaufusi
Intermediate Team Leader

Semisi has almost 7 years of experience installing panel. His specialty is his ability to maintain calm in difficult situations. He is a very polite and gentle soul and is able to train the hottest of heads.