A structural insulated panel or structural insulating panel (SIP) is a form of "sandwich panel" used in the construction industry. It consist of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board, used as a building material. It is Generally used in business like Cool Rooms, Freezers, Clean Stores, Sterilized manufacturing facilities, Dry Stores. The complete building can be constructed using insulated panel including the outer walls, internal walls, High roof and lower roof. All doors can also be made out panel.  

Unlike other materials this is not the limit to this product, it is now used for the building of homes, this makes the building process faster and more economical. It has many designs and colours and can be made to most architectural designs.

National and International Solutions.

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We can provide Labour for all building or Factory Work whether it be for insulated panel or not.
Labour is quoted per job and per requirement. Our prices are very competitive.

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We are able to tender for Install only or Supply and Install. This process is the standard tender process and plans can be emailed for pricing by our QS. 

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Repairs or Maintenance 

Repairs and Maintenance of all existing buildings. Inquire today for discounted rates. Our prices are very competitive. We can Re-seal your existing walls, repair roofs. By ensuring your building is water and air tight you eliminate any icing inside your building and loss of cooling and temperatures.