Insulated panel specialists

Insulated Panel and Labour Specialist

Auckland, New Zealand


At IPALS, our team has Team Leaders with more than 15 years experience with insulated Panel installations. A structural insulated panel or structural insulating panel (SIP) is a form of "sandwich panel" used in the construction industry. It consist of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board, used as a building material. Insulated Panel comes in many forms, (PIR), (SIP), (EPS). 

Insulated Panel installation


See some of our latest projects we have worked on, providing professional labour services and installing insulated panels for the industry.

Insulated Panel Project Hilton Meats
Insulated Panel project Big Chill
Insulated Panel installation projects

These represent the progress at Hilton Meats in Wiri, we are currently working on this site.

Photos of the last panels closing off Big Chill.

Installing brackets and water proofing in preparation for the Big Concrete pour at Big Chill.